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What is Timepicker Reload?

Timepicker Reload is a unique & easiest way to pick time (hours & minutes). It enables you to get/set time information, quickly and correctly without hassle of writing same custom code every time. Users will love the unique and intuitive interface which gets their work done faster.
Features at quick glance:
At a quick glance some of its main features are:
  1. A unique interface which renders both in 12-hr clock format as well as 24-hr clock format.
  2. Allows Autopostbacks and the ability to handle TimeChanged events.
  3. Provide two great validation controls RequiredTimeValidator and TimeRangeValidator out of box that support client as well as server side validations.
  4. Supports 2.0
  5. Visual Studio 2005 designer support.
  6. Cross-browser support (IE and Firefox)

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Feature #4: Cross Browser Support

And the big one, finally you get cross browser support for Timepicker reload. Both the two major browsers are supported, IE5.5+ and Firefox. Now there is not much to explain about it. Rather I have something else to share with you all.

When Firefox was launched, I had a perception that this is just another marketing fad and why do I need another web browser when IE is already doing whatever I want? I never even thought of using Firefox. But then one fine day I decided to give it a shot. Let’s see how I feel after forcing me to use it for 7 days. Tabbed browsing was good thing, and those extra plug-ins which you can add was really cool. But apart from those things there was nothing much exciting.

Now we all now how much one browser can be different from other; while developing the cross browser support for Timepicker not only I came to know many such differences but what was really exciting was the versatility of Firefox vs. IE. It is just so intuitive. You can expect the HTML rendering exactly the way you wanted; where as in IE it is not always what you thought. Take an example of simple "Form" tag. Now you would generally expect nothing should be rendered on web page with regard to that. Now Firefox does just that, you don’t see anything on page when it renders the tag, where as IE renders it as a blank line. Now what’s the rationale behind it I couldn’t understand? . There are many such instances where you can expect the unexpected from IE, but certainly not from Firefox. It gives me feeling that IE is just a bloated piece of software hanging there on our machines with the help of duct tapes, and chewing gums.Now, I have not joined the list of people who hate MS. There so much that MS has done which has changed the world. But certainly one thing is clear that we all are so blinded by MS tools that we forget that there could be better tools out there.

Now remains the biggest and final feature of Timepicker Reload. Until my next post keep guessing and voting.


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