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What is Timepicker Reload?

Timepicker Reload is a unique & easiest way to pick time (hours & minutes). It enables you to get/set time information, quickly and correctly without hassle of writing same custom code every time. Users will love the unique and intuitive interface which gets their work done faster.
Features at quick glance:
At a quick glance some of its main features are:
  1. A unique interface which renders both in 12-hr clock format as well as 24-hr clock format.
  2. Allows Autopostbacks and the ability to handle TimeChanged events.
  3. Provide two great validation controls RequiredTimeValidator and TimeRangeValidator out of box that support client as well as server side validations.
  4. Supports 2.0
  5. Visual Studio 2005 designer support.
  6. Cross-browser support (IE and Firefox)

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

TimePicker Reload: Now Feature Complete!

And finally after almost 2 weeks of efforts, today Time Picker Reload got feature complete. And as this small but very useful control is moving closer to its vision, I feel more and more excited. I could only imagine in how many ways this control has solved a really annoying problem related to gathering time from users. Now finally, this is the control I would really like to use in my projects for gathering time values.

But there is still work left and when you are alone, it never seems to end either! The list of work items is still long. I have to clean the code files, create documentation, make sure that everything is commented properly, and create the deployment package and a lot more things before I can safely move to Beta stage. Now I expect to do all this preliminary stuff by Wednesday. Then will devote rest of the week in Beta testing. And finally move to next major milestone, "Release".

Now for this milestone, I have to create website that will contain all the stuff related to TimePicker. (C’mon are you going to do website on ur own too!) There are many things that can go into the web site. I could let somebody else do it for me, but I want to first create the basic framework on my own and then let somebody else complete the rest of the stuff. This is helpful because this make sure that things are done according to what you thought; otherwise you end up getting something totally different than what you expected. Trust me; I have already tasted this before when I outsourced some cool logo designer to do the TimePicker logo. Ultimately, I had to wake up the artist in me to design that logo myself.

Hey! What happened to those features that you were going to post about each day? Oh, yes I thought it would be better to post those features as I do beta testing. Just to keep those days of testing a little more interesting. So hopefully my next posts will be about the features. But just to give you an idea, there are around 6 minor and major enhancements apart from code optimizations both in client script as well as server code.


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