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What is Timepicker Reload?

Timepicker Reload is a unique & easiest way to pick time (hours & minutes). It enables you to get/set time information, quickly and correctly without hassle of writing same custom code every time. Users will love the unique and intuitive interface which gets their work done faster.
Features at quick glance:
At a quick glance some of its main features are:
  1. A unique interface which renders both in 12-hr clock format as well as 24-hr clock format.
  2. Allows Autopostbacks and the ability to handle TimeChanged events.
  3. Provide two great validation controls RequiredTimeValidator and TimeRangeValidator out of box that support client as well as server side validations.
  4. Supports 2.0
  5. Visual Studio 2005 designer support.
  6. Cross-browser support (IE and Firefox)

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Feature #1 (or should I say a fix!)

So from today I going to let all of you know about new features that have been added to Timepicker Realod. Here goes the feature #1 (or should i say a fix!):

Now one of the complaints I received from devlopers on Timepicker legacy was that they are unable to disable/enable web control or what the heck! it just completely ignores your command when you ask it to hide/unhide. It just doesn't listen to some of those basic properties you set from properties toolbox in VS2005. All those property setting issues are now fixed. Now Timepiker legacy responds to almost all of those essential properties which you see in properties toolbox. Apart from this if you add some extra attributes using HTML editor of VS2005 (attributes like client side events onclick etc, style attribute or any other you can think of), those are also correctly added when the page renders.

Another designer thingy missing was the ability to adjust the width of the textbox by simply dragging the control in design mode. Now nobody likes to set the width property manually, why not simply drag the control and adjust the dimensions graphically. That little enhancement has also been added. You can now simply drag the control and adjust the width and height of text box part of Timepicker in design mode.

Hmm..ok what’s the big deal in this. Yeh, not really the biggest feature, but just an important fix of the issue in Timepicker Legacy.

Just hang on, it’s going to get better and better from here.


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