This MistyRose Skin is one of the 4 cool skins that comes with Timepicker Reload package

What is Timepicker Reload?

Timepicker Reload is a unique & easiest way to pick time (hours & minutes). It enables you to get/set time information, quickly and correctly without hassle of writing same custom code every time. Users will love the unique and intuitive interface which gets their work done faster.
Features at quick glance:
At a quick glance some of its main features are:
  1. A unique interface which renders both in 12-hr clock format as well as 24-hr clock format.
  2. Allows Autopostbacks and the ability to handle TimeChanged events.
  3. Provide two great validation controls RequiredTimeValidator and TimeRangeValidator out of box that support client as well as server side validations.
  4. Supports 2.0
  5. Visual Studio 2005 designer support.
  6. Cross-browser support (IE and Firefox)

Download Free or Purchase or mail at for any assistance.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Feature #3: Skinning enhancement

One day you decide that Timepicker default blue skin is too boring and it should be replaced by something cool. So how do you do it in Timepicker legacy:

O..O do i have to set all those properties to get a new theme working. I would rather live with default theme. Now how we do it in Timepicker Reload:

Thats sleek, just one "PanelCssUrl" property to set and you are done with new skin. Yes offcourse that means you must create a CSS for it. But what if a default template is provided to you? You just need to experiment with colors. And what if some cool skins come out of the box with TimePicker? Isn't that cool? Check out some of the default skins you get out of the box:

Thats all about skinning enhancements and extra goddies you get with Timepiker Reload. Hope you would enjoy this visual treat.


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